Milton Keynes Dance Festival 2022

Update posted 29 September 2021 by Kris Taylor and Janice Hughes, Dance Festival Organisers

We have provided two different entry forms again this year in Word form and in Excel, which we are hoping will help with data input. 

Please feel free to use either form, downloadable below.

Dear Teacher

We are delighted to present our syllabus for the 2022 festival.  The Festival will again take place in The Venue MK, at Walton High and will be a qualifying event for the All England Dance Regional Finals. 

There are two important issues for teachers to be aware of this year.

  • Festival Dates

Schools in this area are showing half term dates across a range of weeks.  Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire have this year chosen half term dates from 12th February and some, but not all, of those in Buckinghamshire from 19th February.  The Venue in MK is available in the Bedfordshire half term (12th February), which appears to cover the majority of our participants.  This will mean some significant programming difficulties for the Festival, since our entries come from both catchment areas.  Once again, we will need to split some sections on half term lines.  When making your entries please ensure we know which half term individual dancers will be available, so we can, hopefully, programme their dances on appropriate dates.

County A signifies pupils with a half term beginning 12th February.

County B signifies pupils with a half term beginning 19th February.

This is going to be a logistical headache for the team and if you do not provide this information and dancers are entered in a section running on a date in their school terms we will not be able to refund entry fees.  Please also note that our volunteers have limited time and are unable to accept late entries under any circumstances. 

  • All England Dance

Our Festival is a qualifying festival for the North London Regional Final for All England Dance (AED).  To encourage young dancers to experiment with different dance forms we will continue to offer modern and lyrical throughout the age groups and modern and stylised ballet and contemporary as separate sections in senior age groups, where we have sufficient entries to warrant this.

Bear in mind, however, that not all sections will be able to qualify for the All England Regional finals.  A link to the AED syllabus is available within our syllabus.  Please ensure you check the information carefully as we cannot be responsible for any errors

BOPA licence

We have agreed a protocol for 2022 with Milton Keynes Council’s Licensing department.  Under this protocol we need teachers and parents to complete confirmations 1 and 2 on the entry form.  We cannot accept any entry that does not provide this information. 

Under our agreement with MK Council parents and teachers are at all times responsible for the control of their children.  Children must be supervised at all times and are not permitted to wander unsupervised in The Venue, or to leave the premises without their responsible adult.


The theme for the Choreography section this year will be either “New beginnings” or “Trapped”.  Dancers should use the template provided to explain the development of the dance.  Dancers should hand their scripts in by 15th February, to give our adjudicator time to review their projects.


Mark at Spotlight Events will be providing photographic and video services again this year.  We will notify schools when suitable arrangements can be made. 

We look forward to seeing you all in February,

Kris Taylor         Janice Hughes   

078 352 54078                            078 725 89800

01234 240394

Kris Taylor │26 Castle Road │Lavendon │Olney │MK46 4JE

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