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Enter the 2024 Music and Drama Festivals

You can enter three ways :

  1. by completing the entry form downloadable from this page and emailing it to and pay by BACS

  2. by downloading the entry form from this page and posting it to the address on the form and pay by BACS

  3. the best way - click the online entry portal button on this page, make your entry and pay by Paypal or BACS


Note : if you do not know which pieces are to be performed then please put TBC

in the boxes on the form and this will enable you to complete your entry. 

Please download and read the 2024 Syllabus before making your entry as it lists all the classes on offer and the rules and conditions of entry.

You can make your entry any time up to 31 December 2023 after which time the portal will close.

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